Interactive Media Strategies, LLC

Interactive Media Strategies is a market research firm, video production house and media consulting company founded in 2002. 

We conduct research on video technologies, services and best practices related to:

  • Online video platforms and applications
  • Mobile video solutions
  • Enterprise video communications systems, platforms and services
  • Consumer video solutions, services and software 
  • Video publishing and editing solutions
  • Cloud-based video solutions and technologies
  • Video production, editing and publishing solutions, services and platforms

We have worked with clients in the US, Europe and South America to provide custom market research and provide industry insights to help guide their businesses and seek out new growth opportunities, including go-to-market strategies, lead generation programs, partner outreach initiatives, channel development and product marketing strategies.

IMS has provided firms across the industry with extensive insights, research and market analysis on the corporate use, spending and deployment of video technologies, platforms and services. We also cover a range of consumer applications and market trends for online video viewing, video editing, and purchasing behaviors. including both online activities and those using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. 

Partnership with Thought Leaders Network

We are pleased to have a collaborative partnership and integrated media program with Thought Leaders Network, an Interactive Media Strategies partner organization founded by Paul Ritter.  Thought Leaders Network (TLN) is a multimedia resource portal featuring leadership blogs, video case studies, thought leader interviews, industry events, video blogs and newsletters.

Together, IMS and TLN collaborate with a number of leadership organizations, book authors & publishers and industry thought leaders to offer expert insights, leadership programs, best practice videos, live webinars, and video roundtables to highlight important trends for today’s business leaders, HR professionals and management executives

To watch the short About Us video highlighting the range of resources, videos and events offered in conjunction with Thought Leaders Network click here

We invite you to explore the pages of our website and download copies of White Papers, check out some of our Research Reports, Video Case Studies, Thought Leader Webcasts, video interviews and other resource materials that are available here on the Interactive Media Strategies site. 

For more information about our research services, video case studies, research briefings, webcasts and interactive media programs, contact:

Paul Ritter, Managing Director
Interactive Media Strategies, LLC
ritter @
(508) 881-7149